Thursday, December 20, 2007

Barbary Sheep

Had a question about Barbary Sheep meat...yum!
I have heard from several folks that Barbary Sheep aren't that good but, BOY, do I disagree, it is probably some of my very favorite game meat!!! It is mild and similar to antelope, I think, not too tough and easy to substitute in most beef or elk recipes.
I think the trick is to take care of the meat when you process it, I really take my time and make sure there is no hair, clean up around where you shot it, no blood, etc. Then I de-bone it all and try and take off most of the membranes (so you do end up with some small pieces). The stuff that is too small I just made stew meat out of. Then, I butterfly the steaks into about 1/2 thick and double paper wrapped it and into the freezer it went!
Recipes - I think our favorite way to eat Barbary Sheep is to chicken-fry it (see below) but also, it is good marinaded (one hour, all day, either is fine) in lime juice and olive oil with lots of pepper, garlic and a little rosemary (fresh or dry) and then grilled. Depending on how much you cook, just put enough marinade (about 1 part lime to 2 parts olive oil) into a ziplock bag to cover it up and put your meat in and set it in the fridge and yummy!
Interestingly, the shoulder steaks were nice and tender, but the round steaks were tougher (usually the other way around with beef, elk and venison in my experience!)


Anonymous said...

Auodad aka Barbary Sheep... There just isn't enough info about them! Thanks for sharing.

I've heard that the meat is throw away but I just didn't belive it. glad I found your blog.


Anonymous said...

I marinade it in Claude's Brisket marinade for about 14 hours, then rub it with montreal steak seasoning and a dab of tobasco, and grill it up medium well. People can't believe it's not a prime cut of beef

Anonymous said...

I make a ton of Barbary jerky every year. I don't care for it cooked that same as elk or deer, but it makes the best jerky.

My recipe is as follows:
sliced meat, salt, and pepper.
That is it!! The texture is awesome!!